Design Sessions are proud to be within the creative green grass of Herefordshire. We believe design is a journey, not a process. Our customers walk with us on this journey as together we refine the way we communicate their ideas, products and services.

In parallel with our commercial work we also maintain strong ties with schools, colleges and universities. We are committed to provide a bridge between education and employment, and relish the opportunity to teach, mentor and share ideas with students of all ages and backgrounds. From sponsoring awards to supplying ”live briefs” for course modules, we are able to work alongside and help develop exciting new talent and innovations in design.

Design sessions are an all inclusive creative agency. No job is too big or too small. Send us an email and we will get back to you!

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We offer talks to local educational institutions

By giving talks to local schools, colleges and universities we help the students thrive in a challenging but exciting industry! As you can see we love social media and the networks you can build. We see education as the unsung hero for developing groups of interest and diversity. We offer talks and workshops with students at our local educational institutes to build further interaction with our community, building a network of fresh young talent.

We are proud to be working closely with the University of Worcester offering group workshops and awards to the students who are a credit to the design industry.

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